Last Stop: BBD Bagh

As a child, BBD Bagh was nothing more than a strange name of a place, painted in big, bold, red letters across the mini bus that would drop me to school, tuitions, or the ‘swimming club,’ on its way to a busier, far more important part of the city; the ‘business’ part of the city,

Bombay: A Photo Essay by Abhay Singh

Bombay the Urbs Prima in Indis has captured the imagination of everyone since time immemorial. Abhay Singh Palaha has been walking around the streets of Bombay capturing various scenes and buildings from the city. We present some of them here.  

In Conversation: Kalindi Manek – Travelling Solo to Sikkim!

From being a protectorate of India post independence to becoming a full fledged state in 1975, post the decisive referendum, this region nestled in the Sikkim-Darjeeling Himalayas has only evolved over time. With its organic produce, warm people, good connectivity and impeccable record in sanitation, Sikkim has been drawing a lot of visitors of late. We speak to

Tourism and the Demographic Dividend of India

India is on the cusp of economic greatness. And it is because of its population, the ultimate resource that the economy needs. We have a young working population. More potential breadwinners in the age group of 15-64 than the dependents mainly children and senior citizens. But India faces a major challenge too. There aren’t enough

Khokari Tombs – Where the Siddi Generals rest

A trip full of surprises is the best kind of a trip. We at Breakfree swear by this. Therefore, if a new route is available, we don’t hesitate to try it out, not just to save time but to see a different side of the same region. So, while on the roadtrip to the Konkan,

Backpacking with Parents!

Go see the world when you are young, they say. Do it with friends or with strangers, they say. They never say go with parents, travel with them, bond over the experiences. There are a lot of myths surrounding travelling with parents. Meet Anand, 25 who has travelled across the world with his parents, that

Surviving Bed Bugs and Other stories

In 2012, during Diwali, I found myself at Karwar. Lying on the banks of the Kalinadi estuary formed at the confluence of the river and the Arabian sea, it is a small town. Idyllic almost. A clean sweep of a beach famed for inspiring Rabindranath Tagore to write a dramatic poem. Speaking of Karwar he

When the rains will come

When the rain will come, it will clean the dusts off the leaves of the trees. The trees that are lucky to be still standing in the city. The trees that have given shade to the weary salesmen making rounds of the streets on foot, selling their wares. When the rain will come, the city

Travelling Solo Across India – In Conversation with travel blogger Elita Almeida

Elita Almeida quit her job to travel and write about it. But she also travels solo and not just around the ‘Top 10 destinations in India that you must visit’ but also to lesser known places. At the time of this interview, she was in Orchha while recently she spent 32 days in Bihar as

Breakfree Guide – Velas Turtle Festival

Velas ( Ve- laas) may seem like a yet another fishing village on the western coast of Maharashtra. About 220km away from Bombay, less than hundred houses made of the locally available laterite stones, sloping roofs standing amidst palm and beetlenut groves comprise this sleepy hamlet. The Arabian Sea lashes onto the beach nearby which,

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