A Breakfree Journeys Initiative supported by Social Vision Centre of Ruia College

After foraying into the exciting world of Adventure Tourism, Breakfree Journeys is proud to announce its entry into Social Tourism. A new breed of tourism with an objective of contributing to the society in a small way during your travels/holidays. Launching its spree towards Social Tourism, Breakfree Journeys invites you to join us on a day trip to the beach of Kihim along with the visually impaired students of Ruia College to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti. You are welcome to join in with your colleagues, friends, family and dear ones.

Visually Impaired students are not limited in their thoughts or movement. Be it travelling to and fro for academics to winning national level performance competitions, the dynamics have changed and the students have broken free from their limitations and we together would like to salute and celebrate this very spirit on Bapu’s Birthday on the 2nd of October!

What’s in store for you?

1. Fun filled day at beach!

2. Sharing your time with the students to experience how their world is by showing them the world through your eyes.

3. Experience the compassion within yourself when you hold their hands to lead the way, describe the scenery around and sources of sounds and any other fascinating visuals

4. Watch fabulous performances by the students, where you too are welcome to participate

What would you have to do?

1. Sponsor one student’s trip(The enrollment amount includes charges of 2 persons-You and the student)
Charges per volunteer: Rs.1,000 only
You could also contribute any amount if you can’t make it for the trip..

2. Be affectionate, responsible and make sure our friends enjoy themselves to the fullest!

This is a distinct opportunity for you to learn and understand how special our friends are, how they are no less privileged than all of us and why they deserve all our respect and affection. Hence take some time out on the 2nd of October and do join us in this noble cause as we head to Kihim to create some memorable experiences for our special friends!


7.00: Assemble at Ruia Colllege Gate

7.15: Depart for Kihim

10.00: Reach Kihim and check into the hotel

10.15: Post freshening up, head for Breakfast

11.00: Head to the beach

11.10-1.30: Fun at the beach, play Simon Says, Catch me if you can..

1.30-2.30: Head for lunch

2.30-3.30: Talent Showcase! (performances by students of Ruia, accompanied by their friend)

3.30-4.30: Stroll on the beach

4.30-5.00: Evening snacks

5.00: Depart for Mumbai

8.00: Reach Mumbai


a)Per head charge(Rs.1,000) is inclusive of
1. One student’s charge(food, transport, accomodation)
2. Food, transport and accomodation(From Ruia and back)

b)A chartered bus will be used for transport

c) Number of volunteers required: 20(1 for every 1 student)

Do call us up if you are interested. We are looking forward to having you aboard with us for this unique trip with a noble cause! Thank You.

P.S: If you think you know someone who would be equally interested then please let them know about this trip for sure. Thanks again!

For Breakfree Journeys

Rushikesh Kulkarni

Man In-charge

Mobile Number: 9870547835

Email address: breakfreejourneys@gmail.com

webpage: www.breakfreejourneys.blogspot.com

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Mumbai Hiker · September 23, 2009 at 12:49 pm

Super man! Proud of you

Breakfree Journeys · September 28, 2009 at 12:24 pm

Thank You! Try making it for the trip, contribute any amount..

Aniruddha H D · October 9, 2009 at 10:10 pm

This is a superb idea! I am glad you visited my blog. Being an ex-ruiaite, I am happy you are conducting a trip for the gifted ones.

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