On our last trip to Bundi, we visited the Taragarh Fort, which literally means The Star Fort. However, during our research on Karnataka we came across a fort that is shaped like one!


Located in one of the three geographical divisions of Karntaka – Malnad (Malenadu), close to the NH48 (Bangalore – Mangalore) is the Manjarabad Fort. Named after the perpetual mist in the surroundings, the word Manju in Kannada means mist, this medieval structure was built by Tipu Sultan in the 18th century. A bird’s eye view might not be possible but walking along its bastion might help one orient with its unique 8 pointed star shape.

Highly strategic in its architecture, its bastions point in 8 directions which are thought to be more effective than a circular frame. It is built on the lines of ‘trace italienne’ a design which originated in Italy. Owing to its location, a panoramic view of the surroundings is the treat one gets after climbing over 270 steps from the base to reach the top. A tunnel connecting Srirangapatnam (the headquarters of Tipu Sultan) is rumoured to have been built here and later sealed off.

A screengrab of the fort on Google maps shows the distinct star pattern of Manjarabad

 If you are driving on the NH-48, make sure to stop by at Sakleshpur and climb up into the mist!

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The Fort lies 10km from the nearest town of Sakleshpur and 46km from Hassan.

Exact Co-ordinates are: 12.917624, 75.758346

An hour or two are required to explore the ramparts but be careful as the fort isn’t well maintained or protected.

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