Last Saturday, 22nd November a gang of 14 campers set out on a camping trip to Malshej Ghat! Standing at an elevation of 1,294 m it is a hill station in its own right. But we weren’t falling for any tourist traps, this was a rugged, rustic, raw adventure and we were ready to rough it out! 


Our bus pulled up by the scenic waters of Khireshwar Dam where we swam and enjoyed watching River Terns and Kingfishers fish, we saw a Harrier chase a black winged stilt and a Opulent Buzzard circle overhead. The cold waters of the dam refreshed us! 



Some of us swam while some just took in the sights and the silence.


 After a quick lunch at a small eatery nearby, we arrived at the campsite to find it bathed in the golden light of the setting sun!


A brilliant sunset kept us company as we set up camp! 




With darkness setting in, our tents were pitched and preparations were underway for a campfire!


 With a sickle some dry wood was chopped off and soon a roaring fire was ready. Marinated meat and vegetables were brought out and a barbecue ensued!


 The roaring fire fed us and kept us warm but it also made us contemplate about many things and also life.


 But it also brought out some interesting topics and engaging conversations followed.


It was late and it was a cold night. Under the starry skies, tucked away in our sleeping bags and blankets we dozed off to wake up to this glorious sight! The sun peeping over from the mountains.


 A vat full of coffee was brewed to kickstart our day 2!


Fully awake, we took a group photo and cleared the campsite!


 But the adventure didn’t end there, it was time for a short hike to the river! The water was very cold!


 Which meant only one thing – one dip!


And some experiments with the camera!


 And after a quick breakfast it was time to hit the road and return back home! But before you go, here’s a 360 degree view of our campsite as we shuffle to the beats of Hans Zimmer!

Photos by: Pravin Subramanian, Karan Maheshwari, Devang Bhandari.

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Shagufta · August 10, 2015 at 7:51 am

Hey! Looks like a fun trip! Where did you guys get the camping equipment from?

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