When the rain will come, it will clean the dusts off the leaves of the trees. The trees that are lucky to be still standing in the city. The trees that have given shade to the weary salesmen making rounds of the streets on foot, selling their wares.

When the rain will come, the city will fear being drowned. Very few natural ponds will fill up and then the streets will overflow with water nowhere to go. It will compete for space with vehicles and humans on the streets.

When the rain will come the parched earth, left untouched by concrete will bloom with new life. The sun will take a break and we will drink hot chai by the road. We will walk in the rain and get drenched in the spells of rain which will disappear as abruptly as they had arrived.

The Indian Monsoon is part of the Indian ethos. In the coming four months breakfreejourneys.com will present to you stories that revolve around this fascinating climatic phenomenon. Like most of the country, we are only counting days until the first burst of the monsoon strikes the coastal areas and bring new life. If you have stories about the rainy season, we would love to hear them. Send in your contributions to editor.breakfree@gmail.comĀ 


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