Travelling Solo Across India – In Conversation with travel blogger Elita Almeida

Elita Almeida quit her job to travel and write about it. But she also travels solo and not just around the ‘Top 10 destinations in India that you must visit’ but also to lesser known places. At the time of this interview, she was in Orchha while recently she spent 32 days in Bihar as

Breakfree Guide – Velas Turtle Festival

Velas ( Ve- laas) may seem like a yet another fishing village on the western coast of Maharashtra. About 220km away from Bombay, less than hundred houses made of the locally available laterite stones, sloping roofs standing amidst palm and beetlenut groves comprise this sleepy hamlet. The Arabian Sea lashes onto the beach nearby which,

List of Rescue Centres for Birds Injured during Makar Sankranti

It is that day of the year the harvest festival of Makar Sankranti is celebrated throughout the country. The arrival of spring is a cause for cheer as the cold days will soon be over. It is also the day when thousands of kite fliers launch their kites in the sky and compete furiously against each

Camping at Malshej Ghat – A Photo Essay

Last Saturday, 22nd November a gang of 14 campers set out on a camping trip to Malshej Ghat! Standing at an elevation of 1,294 m it is a hill station in its own right. But we weren’t falling for any tourist traps, this was a rugged, rustic, raw adventure and we were ready to rough it out! 

How I travelled Solo in Spain – In Conversation with Sneha Suresh

Sneha Suresh, 24 a playback singer and a voice over artist by day did something remarkable last month. She travelled solo across Spain. And we managed to get an interview out of her! Read about her experiences on the road, the kind of planning that went into this 16 day long trip and of course

Winter Walks in Bombay!

The city winter will be right upon us (or so we wish!) If you are new to the city or a local waiting to rediscover the city in a new light then you must walk around. With or without a guidebook, through the bylanes and on busy footpaths, through seaside walkaways or through quaint gaothans

Breakfree Guide : Kalavantin Durg and Prabalgad

Kalavantin Durg (Ka-laa-van-teen Doo-r-ga) is quite famous on the internet. Somehow it finds itself on many lists that include internationally well known peaks. It is both heartening and surprising. Therefore off late, we at Breakfree, have been asnwering many emails regularly from climbers travelling to Bombay who intend to climb Kalavantin while they are here.

5 years of visiting Bassein and 3 Perspectives on the Magnificent Fort!

It was the monsoon of 2009 and it was raining heavily. The last lecture for the day (Statistics, I think) had ended and I was walking towards Dadar station to catch the train home but instead I found myself at the ticket counter buying a ticket to Vasai road. A train departing for Virar from

The Lone Ranger of Lonar – Bugdane Sir

The year is 1967. A team of scientists from NASA have descended upon the small insignificant town of Lonar in the Buldhana district of Maharashtra to study the unique crater formed by a meteorite impact, about 52,000 years ago. The principal of the local primary school is asked to depute an ‘English speaking teacher’ who

Backyard Birding in Bassein!

“Be silent, close your eyes and try to count the number of calls that you can hear.” says Pravin Subramaniam as we leave the cacophony of the village near Tungareshwar entrance. We close our eyes and count. There seem to be many calls resonating in the silent morning. They seem to be coming in from

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