On a food trail in Banaras!

Banaras, the ancient city of India, the city of the ghats and winding lanes is famous for its food as much as it is known for its spiritual, holy side. So on the recent trip, I was determined on trying out as much local food as I could. Here’s an overview of all that we

Serendipity – Finding Fried Fish in Gokarna!

Serendipity is amazing. And more so when you are on a No Reservations trip. For the recent Gokarna trip, apart from the train tickets, we had not booked anything. The idea was to arrive in Gokarna and then play it by the ear. It turned out to be one of the best ways to experience

Manikarnika – The Gateway to Moksha

On the first day in Banaras, we walked down from Assi to Manmandir Ghat where we took a detour and arrived at one of the most recommended Lassi places – Blue Lassi. While we waited for the hyped lassi at Blue (if you like simple traditional lassi then avoid this), we counted upto about 4-5

The unusual Rocks of Yana – Karnataka

After writing about the Star Fort of Manjarabad, here’s another gem that we discovered during our research on Karnatka. Certain wonders of nature leave you spellbound. Yana Rocks are one of them. Located near in the Uttara Karnataka district of Karnataka, 25 km from Kumta, they are renowned for their jagged appearance. These two monolithics rising

Songs from the Road

The road has been a muse for artists of all kinds. It is by far one of the most fascinating things about travel – being on the road. Not just the place, but the journey to and fro defines your experience. There are many things that happen on the road that are never in your

The Star Fort – Manjarabad, Karnataka

On our last trip to Bundi, we visited the Taragarh Fort, which literally means The Star Fort. However, during our research on Karnataka we came across a fort that is shaped like one! Located in one of the three geographical divisions of Karntaka – Malnad (Malenadu), close to the NH48 (Bangalore – Mangalore) is the

Tabo – First Glimpse of Spiti Valley

The silence, the all pervasive silence is what I notice first. Our convoy is at croassroads, we are in Tabo, our halt for the night. The town is small and bathed in the glow of the evening sun. Confusing signboards point us to different directions as we take turns at guessing the right route when

Kaas Plateau – The Wildflower Haven

Mist has enveloped the narrow road as our trusted Breakfree Bus makes its way to Kaas plateau. As fences start to appear on either sides, an army of gentlemen clad in yellow raincoats blow their whistles and motion us to stop. “We’ll have to get down here” says Rajesh Sachdev, our inhouse expert who has agreed

Amidst the Ruins and Boulders: Exploring Hampi

Last year I visited Hampi by myself, impressed by its boulders and monuments I took along 8 other backpackers this year. Our trip in short! Complete set of photos can be found here. This year we are heading to Hampi this Diwali, check out the details here ——— It is half past ten in the

Ajanta, Ellora and Aurangabad – Breakfree Guide

The caves of Ajanta and Ellora, famous for their exquisite paintings and sculptures are a big draw for tourists all times of the year. These caves are proof of the rich architectural capabilities of our ancestors. Many travellers make the world over make a trip to Aurangabad which makes for an ideal pit stop to

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